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Litere Volumetrice

3D letters

3D light letters ensure the maximum visual impact, during the day and also during the night. The special attention to detail that we grant when making a volumetric logo, and also the high quality materials give the 3D light logo a unique visual impact and also a perfect lighting during the night.

Now more light with less consumption

he efficient, high power LED modules that we provide, will guarantee an efficient lighting and a low energy consumption, being up to date when it comes to reducing consumption, and also with using eco-green alternatives.

Non-lit 3D polystyrene letters

We manufacture a large variety of 3D polystyrene letters: 3, 5 or 10 cm. We recommend these letters for indoor inscriptions, but in some cases, these can also be used outdoors..

Stainless steel 3D letters

We can also provide you with a large variety of stainless steel 3D letters, with an excellent aspect that can be the ideal way to make your brand name, or any other text stand out.
These can also include a lighting system, and we have a number of options which you can choose from:


  • thermoformed neons,
  • spots etc.
  • you have the option of asking us to create light patterns, or simultaneous color lighting, thus having unique and special shades of color .