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Indoor Print

Sticker Print

Laminated or non-laminated prints for banners, Wall stickers, application on windows, stickers for application to vehicles, etc.

Cutting sticker – Cutter Plotter

Outline cut stickers have a vast number of uses. The most common are:: labels, showcase, car stickers, outdoor signs, indoor signs, banner retouching, object personalisation, etc.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics is the term used for stickers that are applied on glass, having the graphics visible from outside the window. The advantages of this type of sticker is that it obstructs the visibility from inside to a very low level.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics is the term used for the stickers which are printed and used on floors. The material it's made of is a special PVC foil, which is transparent, and has a high degree of UV protection.

Removable stickers

The foil is destined for medium-lifespan applications. The removable adhesive, acrylic, offers the material a durability that can last up to 2 years, and guarantees 6 months for non-residue detachment. This material offers the print an excellent quality and easy application on plain surfaces.. The prints are made made with solvents (real solvent, mild solvent, eco solvent).

Reflective foil

Reflective foil can be custom cut, or it can be printed. The reflective foil prints are made at 1440 DPI resolution.