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Print Outdoor

Outdoor Print

The Outdoor Prints are realised with a VUTEK 5330 EC print machine


Advertising banners can be printed at 720 DPI outdoor print, 1440 DPI outdoor print. The banners can be printed at any size, and the maximum width reaches up to 5 meters


Mesh prints are represented by the large and extra large prints.

BlockOut Banner

BlockOut Banner is made of a PVC material, with carbon insertion used for ensuring the opacity and for avoiding overlaying of the images through transparency.

Backlit Banner

Backlit Banners are mainly used for large lightboxes exposed outdoors.

Backlit Film

Backlit film is used in 90% of the cases for personalizing the faces of light boxes. Backlit film prints are made at 1440 DPI / 2400 DPI - super quality photo..


Polypropylene prints are used mainly indoors..