All Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and you can steal data

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I know it's a title that may seem too Gossip or clickbait, but even so it is. All Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to KRAK, adica key reinstallation attack. This vulnerability we have all regardless of router and can have serious problems if no action is taken. What this means?

Let me explain briefly what this vulnerability KRAK. Datele pe care tu le transmiti catre router sau le primesti de la el circula libere prin…aer. Anyone can access, but that was invented WPA2, a form of encryption that does not allow an atactic to see your data. And password of the router has the same aim, not someone intercepting your data.

However, even with these protections, even with the HTTPS protocol offered by some sites, un hacker priceput poate decripta informatiile cu ajutorul unui program de tip sniffer.

Fortunately discoverer of this vulnerability is not a man of bad faith, But imagine what might happen with your data if a skilled hacker would intercept Wi-Fi. You could find all passwords, I see all sites falling, practically know everything.

To be honest I do not know how it works vulnerability, I read on other sites that is a clone of the current Wi-Fi network, and your device will automatically connect to the network clone, although they should not do it.

The problem could be solved with a firmware update the router, but it will last until the producers will make one.

Puteti citi mai multe HERE. It is a detailed article for the most passionate. Eu am preluat articolul de la Radu, It was seemed more Explained.


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