WannaCry - The biggest cyber attack in history


Friday has been a cyber attack that affected everyone. Over 75.000 The attacks have been reported in almost 100 countries, affected being the major institutions such as the NHS or Russian Interior Ministry. WannaCry attack that took place a few days ago is the largest in history.

This completely blocks ransomware attack type computers and requires a certain amount of money (approximate 300 dollars in Bitcoin) to be released. Unfortunately were affected and hospitals, and patients were forced to wait too long. There have also been targeted and important institutions such as the Ministry Russian Internet Deutsche Bahn.

Russia was the most affected country with over 70% of attacks, and the second China. We were targeting them. from almost 100 The countries have been ranked 9 the number of attacks. The virus was engineered by a group of hackers called Shadow Brokers and released in April. They say they have found a security flaw in NSA documents, revealed by Wikileaks.

NSA found discovered a vulnerability in a Microsoft program, But Bill Gates's company failed to remedy by March. However, those who have not achieved security updates were prone to attack. Insitutions affected working on fixing the problem.

If you want to be safe, It is recommended to have an antivirus, daily updates to the operating system and a back-up.

Source : ArenaIT


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